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Rain was forecast across Liguria, but although summer had been in hiding for weeks
it decided to make one final appearance. Portofino did the rest. And everything was worthy of the lovely Ocean Pearl – and Platinum Experience!

The 41-metre motoryacht created by the famous London-based architect Norman Foster was dazzling in its silver livery, with sinuous, almost shark-like minimalist lines and a striking elegance. And she’s not alone – the Ocean pearl has two identical sisters, the Ocean Sapphire and Ocean Emerald. All on board, then, for the MIDDLE EASTERN EXTRAVAGANZA, an exhibition of design objects by three brands Daevas, Ivan Paradisi and Igreg Studio. They usually work for an Oriental clientele, but this time they displayed their design and furnishing pieces on the Ocean Pearl’s upper deck, enabling them to introduce their work – and themselves – to a select party of guests.

The evening organised by Platinum Experience with the collaboration of We Are Disobedient enjoyed the support of prestigious sponsors like Floating Life (a specialist in super and megayacht management, charter and sales – in fact, they made available this magnificent megayacht from their extensive fleet), Maserati, represented by Forza SpA, official Maserati dealer for the Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta regions, which displayed a Levante 275hp Diesel 3.0 and a GranTurismo Sport CC Automatica 4.7 on Calata Marconi facing the Ocean

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